AnnMarie Clark


AnnMarie Clark spent 18 years with the University of Florida managing a wildlife genetics laboratory that focused on population and conservation genetics and training graduate students in the fine arts of non-lethal sample collection, how to process their own samples in the laboratory, and data collection and analysis.  As an extension of the popgen focus of the laboratory, she began developing testing for poaching issues for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission in the mid 1990s and handled most of the poaching cases that involved DNA analysis.

Clark has been working with the Maples Center for Forensic Medicine handling a wide variety of forensic cases that require DNA analysis of wildlife or companion animals including dog fighting, domestic violence, predator identification, and canine paternity/ownership cases.

She has taught numerous workshops designed to train law enforcement and attorneys to understand the questions that could be asked of DNA, how to collect evidence and how to interpret data from the laboratory reports.