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Our top-ranking online graduate programs and continuing education courses at the University of Florida provide students with the latest training in Forensic Medicine and the Forensic Sciences, including Veterinary Forensic Sciences and Wildlife Forensic Sciences. The University of Florida offers multiple online graduate options that will allow you to focus on the areas of forensic science that interest you most. Tailored for working professionals, all of UF’s graduate programs are offered entirely online with asynchronous elements so they can be completed anywhere, at your own pace. These innovative programs are an extension of UF academic excellence beyond the boundaries of our traditional campus delivered at a distance and available across the nation and around the world. Whether you are a student or a working professional looking to specialize in growing field, these flexible programs can help you meet your goals without having to sacrifice your commitments to your family or current job by relocating to attend an on campus program.

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Online Graduate Degree & Certificate

Veterinary Forensic Sciences

This program prepares students for animal crime scene processing, handling and interpreting forensic evidence, and other skills that will help secure justice for victims of animal cruelty.

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Online Graduate DEGREE & Certificate

Wildlife Forensic Sciences

Students will learn practical skills involving the handling and interpretation of evidence found in illegal wildlife activity, along with the proper protocol and record-keeping necessary when processing evidence.


Online Graduate Degree

Forensic Medicine

Graduate certificate students learn how to properly process an animal crime scene, recognize animal abuse, and handle forensic evidence.

The United States' first fully-online Forensic Medicine masters degree program!


Forensic Science

UF's award-winning forensic science master's degree offers several degree concentrations and graduate certificates.

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